Adventurer (poem)


Heart like a clam shell,
Bivalve clasped tight from hurt.
Calmer waters awaiting,
Pried apart by loneliness.

Yielding to his touch,
Entwined bodies making waves.
Soft insides willingly exposed,
Global oceans to explore.

United in love,
Connect pain and gain.
Carry home in the heart,
Ring rest on my breast.

Fears extinguished,
Lives stretching to infinity.
Symbiotic linkage,
Defying existence.

Twin (poem)


My twin star won’t guide me home,
Rotational energy throws us off-balance.
Stolen glances in a crowd betray interest,
But the bustling movement pulls us away.

Crushed with the burden of being the only,
Knowing you exist is enough to soothe me.
Soften my shell on a boulder in a forest,
Reluctant kisses leave shadows on my lips.

Sharing a mind and all its illnesses,
Amplify our energy beyond its threshold.
Unravel each other’s hurts like bandages,
Scarred and wounded bodies to inspect.

Stars paired with planets,
Split the galaxy into territories.
Radio waves pick up signals,
But my gravity won’t be distorted.

Virgin (poem)


Anticipation sends shivers,
Fated moment has arrived.
Foreign feelings to consider,
Hoping it wasn’t lies.

Uncertain of progression,
Waiting for a sign.
Impressionable susceptibility,
Playbook getting written.

Blanks beg to be filled,
Information awaiting.
Answered questions to share,
Or buried deep as a secret.

Kiss and don’t tell,
Be gentle in the night.
Set the tone for forever,
In a moment’s burning light.

Farewell (poem)


Maybe at death we will meet again,

When nothing remains but our souls.

Maybe you never really loved me at all,

But everything from me rang true.

The caravan is leaving now,

We’re all packed and moving along.

The road ahead is dark and winding,

Destination to foreign lands inviting.

Maybe we gave each other reason to live,

After that our connection extinguished.

Transaction complete, order received,

Rate the service then proceed.

I can’t stop loving you even though,

I don’t think I ever really knew you.

The truth eludes me when it comes to you,

But I know I meant it, my love was true.

Vacuum (poem)


Incessant thoughts wonder whether,

You sought me out for love,

Or simply to turn the tables.

When you left me abruptly,

Was I spared by providence,

Rescued by a spark of moral conscience?

Did you ever intend to return,

To rectify the hate you left behind,

Or have you abandoned the farce?

Duplicitous faces blur together,

Habits of deception all around,

Can’t tell which is real.

Heavy in my belly,

Giving birth to sadness and despair,

Twins to warm me in the absence of a star.

Cheat (short story)


His girlfriend was out of town traveling for work, so he decided to ask a different woman out on a date. He invited her over and pretended that he lived there alone. He explained that his “friend”, a successful tattoo artist, owned the place and let him stay there.

He could never afford to live in a place like that on his own, so he needed to have a plausible explanation. Plus, the space was filled with her art and books; it’s not like he could just erase her presence just because she was in a different state.

In his spare time, he liked to tinker with bikes. He showed his date pictures of beautiful landscapes that he encountered on his bike rides. He offered to take her there. “I have a bike that could fit you,” he said, thinking of his girlfriend’s bike. Her eyes lit up in delight, and he felt some unexpected guilt. Her guile and sincerity moved him.

He had sex with her anyway, and he was a perfect gentleman as he walked her to the train station the next morning. She kissed him on the lips and told him she’d see him later. He told her goodbye, her name leaving a residual sweetness on his tongue. As his eyes lingered over her departing figure, he knew he would never see her again.

Fragile Man (poem)


He’s attracted when you’re vulnerable,
And repelled when you’re strong.
He loves it when you’re crying,
Stab you and give you a hug.

The glass man wears judicial robes,
Shattered into pieces by his own gavel.
Shards of self to use as bait,
While a collage would be more pleasing.

Resentful lamprey seeking vengeance,
Prowling the ocean’s floors.
For sick wounded bleeding creatures,
Sharks are not the only predators.

Rejecting attitudes of masculinity,
Denies him of flesh and bone.
He’ll graft himself into your body,
Poison your mind with his own.

Leave (poem – to the battered and abused)


When they’re willing to hurt you,
Rather than heal themselves.
Minimize and avoid and dodge,
Hate themselves and treat you the same.

Receive all the blame for pain,
Become Christ’s sacrificial flesh.
Pinned up on his wall like a butterfly,
Only admirable to them if you’re dead.

Vampiric presence drains my blood,
Young maiden prized for her beauty.
Offering tenderness and pierced by fangs,
Fooled by her bleeding foolish heart.

Waging a crusade against you,
Holy war to destroy your sense of self.
Love yourself enough to leave,
Cleanse yourself of the father’s sins.

Purple (poem)


Blue for boys and pink for girls,
Blushing red elephants and donkeys singing blues.
My capacity to love excludes neither side,
Blending identities into a cocktail of self.

Royal lineage destined for greatness,
Downfall through madness and cruelty.
Draped in colors steeped in culture,
Symbols call forth a foreign legacy.

Lavender hues relax the mind,
Stretch to exhaustion and find respite.
Inhale the scent of validation,
Lungs filled with peace and clarity at last.

Masculine strength and feminine wiles,
Flexing mastery over binary categoricals.
Suffused sexuality overflowing,
Rainbow spectrum tumbling fluidly.

Definitions undecided and pursuing worth,
Rejection’s blows echo through time.
Familial loss crumbling beneath you,
Stand on my head to feel stable.

Mulberry wine with amethyst skies,
Drunk on love and newfound desire.
Female spirit in the body of a man,
Encrust my heart with precious gems.