Vacuum (poem)


Incessant thoughts wonder whether,

You sought me out for love,

Or simply to turn the tables.

When you left me abruptly,

Was I spared by providence,

Rescued by a spark of moral conscience?

Did you ever intend to return,

To rectify the hate you left behind,

Or have you abandoned the farce?

Duplicitous faces blur together,

Habits of deception all around,

Can’t tell which is real.

Heavy in my belly,

Giving birth to sadness and despair,

Twins to warm me in the absence of a star.

Ex (poem)


Parts of her in you urge me to flee,

Shrines of her memory reside within.

You worshiped a god that left you,

Yet you prefer delusions to faithlessness.

Grasping at an angel’s hem,

Pleading her for salvation.

Recover the soul shards given away freely,

No consideration for a devil’s bargain.

You learned her ways and let it mold you,

Devoted your life’s purpose to her will. 

Can’t offer to me what’s given away,

Empty gaps filled by voids.