Adventurer (poem)


Heart like a clam shell,
Bivalve clasped tight from hurt.
Calmer waters awaiting,
Pried apart by loneliness.

Yielding to his touch,
Entwined bodies making waves.
Soft insides willingly exposed,
Global oceans to explore.

United in love,
Connect pain and gain.
Carry home in the heart,
Ring rest on my breast.

Fears extinguished,
Lives stretching to infinity.
Symbiotic linkage,
Defying existence.

Burrito (poem)


Snuggled and cozy,
Tightly squeezed all around.
Fresh tortillas from the griddle,
Hidden treasures bedded within.

Endless variations,
Joy dances on the palette.
Peppers blended to taste,
Flavors kick up a sweat.

Wrapped in his arms,
Comfort food on his lips.
Sweet words and savory touch,
Burrito boy serving love.