Farewell (poem)


Maybe at death we will meet again,

When nothing remains but our souls.

Maybe you never really loved me at all,

But everything from me rang true.

The caravan is leaving now,

We’re all packed and moving along.

The road ahead is dark and winding,

Destination to foreign lands inviting.

Maybe we gave each other reason to live,

After that our connection extinguished.

Transaction complete, order received,

Rate the service then proceed.

I can’t stop loving you even though,

I don’t think I ever really knew you.

The truth eludes me when it comes to you,

But I know I meant it, my love was true.

Vacuum (poem)


Incessant thoughts wonder whether,

You sought me out for love,

Or simply to turn the tables.

When you left me abruptly,

Was I spared by providence,

Rescued by a spark of moral conscience?

Did you ever intend to return,

To rectify the hate you left behind,

Or have you abandoned the farce?

Duplicitous faces blur together,

Habits of deception all around,

Can’t tell which is real.

Heavy in my belly,

Giving birth to sadness and despair,

Twins to warm me in the absence of a star.

Youth (poem)


Grown up too quick,
Adulthood presses from every angle.
Body twisting around the truth,
Rigid and unyielding until its reveal.

Cursed in the shape of a tree,
Crooked and wailing into the darkness.
Frozen at the core of its trunk,
Yet rustling its leaves to communicate.

Gone too fast and never recovered,
Never well while still escaping truth.
Learned first-hand but stubbornly forgotten,
Fitting in with prescribed narratives set.

Before closeness with corruption,
Touching palms with decay and pain.
Discover novel wonders abounding,
Walk through portals to fresh possibilities.

Gamble (poem)


My life was sold in a devil’s bargain,
Born to a mad king and slave queen.
They got sent to hell but I started here,
Demonic imp to do their bidding.

Saddled and ridden on a carousel,
Parading my scars for praise.
Bronzed and shining like a token,
Robbing her riches in the shadows.

I’ve already lost everything and lived,
There’s nothing I can’t give up.
Nothing to lose and everything to gain,
This world will tremble before me.

Dead from the start and learning to live,
Nothing to fear when the return occurs.
Numb embrace of my oldest friend,
Kill the pain and drop it in the jackpot.

Surrounded by winnings I can’t carry,
Shackled to the table to play the game.
Earning it back and then some,
Paid what’s owed with interest.