Farewell (poem)


Maybe at death we will meet again,

When nothing remains but our souls.

Maybe you never really loved me at all,

But everything from me rang true.

The caravan is leaving now,

We’re all packed and moving along.

The road ahead is dark and winding,

Destination to foreign lands inviting.

Maybe we gave each other reason to live,

After that our connection extinguished.

Transaction complete, order received,

Rate the service then proceed.

I can’t stop loving you even though,

I don’t think I ever really knew you.

The truth eludes me when it comes to you,

But I know I meant it, my love was true.

Shutter (poem)


Sensitive to light,
Watering without volition.
But the warmth of the sun,
Soothing the eyes.

Taken for granted,
Nightfall comes quickly.
Cold breeze blows through,
Still clarity of moonlight.

Expect next day’s rising,
But stars give no guarantees.
Vastness of the cosmos,
Dependent planetary systems.

Supernova explosion,
Silent in destruction.
Sleeping in darkness,
No awakening anticipated.

Twilight (poem)


Roused from a dream,
Uncertain of reality.
Ghostly presence,
Fading from its haunting.

Gripped by passion,
Suddenly absent.
Passed away in the night,
Dead by day’s light.

Utopian skyline,
Shadows cast long.
Ideals float upwards,
Lighter than breath.

Buried in dirt,
Bodies burnt to ash.
Gravestones memorialize,
Love’s last longing.

Start (poem)


New beginnings,
Old hurts.
Penelope’s suitors,
Demanding her attention.

Kitten by your ankles,
Following you home.
How to tell her in meows,
Landlord forbids pets.

Pushed out love,
Draw it back in.
Residing in the heart,
Recuperate from exposure.

Chilled but not frozen,
Cherished by her body.
Courage coming home,
Foreign lands inhospitable.

Tears drip steady,
Empty that cup.
Clean glass,
Starting again.