Shutter (poem)


Sensitive to light,
Watering without volition.
But the warmth of the sun,
Soothing the eyes.

Taken for granted,
Nightfall comes quickly.
Cold breeze blows through,
Still clarity of moonlight.

Expect next day’s rising,
But stars give no guarantees.
Vastness of the cosmos,
Dependent planetary systems.

Supernova explosion,
Silent in destruction.
Sleeping in darkness,
No awakening anticipated.

Blink (poem)


Eyes start to water,
Vision becomes blurry.
Misunderstood image,
Camera obscura.

Longing for clarity,
Yet change might emerge.
Loss within the churn,
Halted by anxiety.

Slowly turn blind,
Paralysis in stasis.
Extraneous eyeballs,
Curse of sight.

Shut the eyelids,
Tears stream down.
Dare not look out,
See a new world.