Lashes (poem)


Teardrops falling,
Whips keep chasing.
Weights attached,
Legs keep pumping.

Bruised flesh,
Ripped skin.
Fused with the burden,
Anchor in the chest.

Fluttering eyelids,
Keep out the dust.
Sandstorms brewing,
Squint through the clouds.

With a single blink,
You’ll feel the force.
My pain rains down,
Slice through this mess.

Start (poem)


New beginnings,
Old hurts.
Penelope’s suitors,
Demanding her attention.

Kitten by your ankles,
Following you home.
How to tell her in meows,
Landlord forbids pets.

Pushed out love,
Draw it back in.
Residing in the heart,
Recuperate from exposure.

Chilled but not frozen,
Cherished by her body.
Courage coming home,
Foreign lands inhospitable.

Tears drip steady,
Empty that cup.
Clean glass,
Starting again.