Halloween (poem)


Feeling delightfully creepy,
The monster within me prowls.
My demons breathe crisp fall air,
Cleansing lungs of brimstone and ash.

Wild feral children,
Seek treats from friendly strangers.
Pitiable abandoned creatures,
Single night to experience care.

Either fearing death or craving it,
Life gets cast upon us as a curse.
History carved on a graveyard’s stone,
Remember the pain that binds us.

Season of endings and imminent demise,
Transient ghouls travelling like pilgrims.
Crunching bones and skulls with eyes,
Peer into the depths of my morbid soul.

Resilience (poem)


Stabbed in the trauma,
Inflicted once again.
Scar tissue rendered flexible,
Elastic armor shielding.

Walk through fire unscathed,
Witches mothering cats.
Fury rains with curses,
Gifts to bless withheld.

Healing power directed inward,
Inner strength grows within.
Pot brimming with soil,
Roots spread to prepare for bloom.

Integrate our fractures,
Accept each broken part.
Sand down, buffer, polish,
Groomed all around.

Fire (poem)


Feeding pages,
Edges curl.
Blackness spreads,
Ink spill on paper.

Coaxing, teasing,
Playful seduction.
Invite to touch,
Promising warmth.

Forests blaze,
Candles burn.
Fuel for growth,
Limitless potential.

Cleansing destruction,
Harness its power.
Overgrown suffocation,
Smoke breathing free.

Ashes remain,
All else inconsequential.
Clearing space,
Floating up to the sky.

Chaste (poem)


Kiss or be kissed,
Active or passive.
Whore or Madonna,
Rape or immaculate conception?

Sexuality harnessed,
Wild beast to tame.
Shame for escaping,
Slink silently back into the cage.

Disguised in public,
Secrets in the sheets.
Sneaky and deceiving,
Succubus seduction.

Sluts and witches,
Married to the devil.
Slave to no man,
Immortal feminine power.

Wish (poem)


Girlish fantasies,
Fanciful in nature.
Dreaming of a world,
That needs no escape.

Love is abundant,
Rolling in riches.
Transcendence universal,
Growing eternal souls.

Dirty gritty streets,
Inescapable struggle.
Beasts of burden labor,
Life beyond survival.

Courage in our hearts,
Flooded and energized by fear.
Beat back the danger,
Protect our salvation.

Banal (poem)


These outbursts bore me.
Typical patterns emerge.
Jigsaw puzzles of pathology.
Frankenstein’s disgrace.

Crudely constructed imitations.
Burning effigies grotesque.
A mob formed against me.
Torches threaten and excite.

Imagined intimidation.
False threat clear as day.
Martyr her corpse.
Paint over her features.

Feed me your hatred.
Transmute in my belly.
Spit fire to spite them.
These dull human creatures.