Youth (poem)


Grown up too quick,
Adulthood presses from every angle.
Body twisting around the truth,
Rigid and unyielding until its reveal.

Cursed in the shape of a tree,
Crooked and wailing into the darkness.
Frozen at the core of its trunk,
Yet rustling its leaves to communicate.

Gone too fast and never recovered,
Never well while still escaping truth.
Learned first-hand but stubbornly forgotten,
Fitting in with prescribed narratives set.

Before closeness with corruption,
Touching palms with decay and pain.
Discover novel wonders abounding,
Walk through portals to fresh possibilities.

Chaste (poem)


Kiss or be kissed,
Active or passive.
Whore or Madonna,
Rape or immaculate conception?

Sexuality harnessed,
Wild beast to tame.
Shame for escaping,
Slink silently back into the cage.

Disguised in public,
Secrets in the sheets.
Sneaky and deceiving,
Succubus seduction.

Sluts and witches,
Married to the devil.
Slave to no man,
Immortal feminine power.