Lucky (poem)


Fortune in the form of a cat,
Slink into your life to bestow a gift.
Pounce and kill those who hurt you,
Licking wounds with her scratchy tongue.

Let me bat away your worries,
Listen to my purrs instead.
Dig my claws into your chest,
Massage the aching heart beneath.

Show me care and I’ll teach you,
How to see and feel the divine.
Love me and feed your spirit,
That energy that lingers after death.

Cats choose their humans,
Only our bodies can be held captive.
Make us happy to bring luck,
The bounties of fulfillment await.

Baby (poem)


Gestate in my womb,
Constructed by my body.
Form taking shape,
Nose framed by long whiskers.

Stick figure limbs,
Slinky soft body.
Floppy and mushy,
Most fragile miracle.

Take after me,
Raised to be independent.
But able to connect,
Even beyond me.

Meaning given purpose,
Extinguishment exquisite.
So long as she lives,
I’ll live to care for her.

Window (poem)


Rapt with attention,
Slight movements draw the eye.
Activities endless,
Passing moments astound.

Vicarious delight,
Perched at the sill.
Curious kitty,
Tail twitches with anticipation.

Big wide eyes,
Narrow pupils a sliver.
Desire tauntingly close,
Glass cleaves separate worlds.

Television for kitties,
The world is a show.
Dimensions unknown,
Peep through a window.