Shine (poem)


The world tells you to shine brighter,
Share your light with all around you.
Not until you’re attacked do you realize,
You’ve been making yourself a target.

Monsters don’t just live in the shadows,
Day-walkers prowl for prey everywhere.
Jealous gazes suppress your talents,
Believe them and know you have nothing.

Major failures have failed to stop you,
Your heroes watch to catch you stumble.
This world defies your very existence,
Camouflage hides your contributions.

Death without acceptance,
But simply unacceptable for who you are.
Star unburned by the atmosphere,
Feel the fires of human contempt instead.

Golem (poem)


Breathe life into clay,
Mud man does your bidding.
No will of his own,
Sacrificial statue.

Taking orders from mortals,
Temporary despots.
Life cycles and replacements,
Varying continuity.

Possessed by a demon,
Unmanned bodies.
Settle into controls,
Gears and buttons to maneuver.

Unformed in its form,
Burst suddenly into chaos.
Descent of a cipher,
Unanticipated by all.

Wish (poem)


Girlish fantasies,
Fanciful in nature.
Dreaming of a world,
That needs no escape.

Love is abundant,
Rolling in riches.
Transcendence universal,
Growing eternal souls.

Dirty gritty streets,
Inescapable struggle.
Beasts of burden labor,
Life beyond survival.

Courage in our hearts,
Flooded and energized by fear.
Beat back the danger,
Protect our salvation.

Banal (poem)


These outbursts bore me.
Typical patterns emerge.
Jigsaw puzzles of pathology.
Frankenstein’s disgrace.

Crudely constructed imitations.
Burning effigies grotesque.
A mob formed against me.
Torches threaten and excite.

Imagined intimidation.
False threat clear as day.
Martyr her corpse.
Paint over her features.

Feed me your hatred.
Transmute in my belly.
Spit fire to spite them.
These dull human creatures.