Golem (poem)


Breathe life into clay,
Mud man does your bidding.
No will of his own,
Sacrificial statue.

Taking orders from mortals,
Temporary despots.
Life cycles and replacements,
Varying continuity.

Possessed by a demon,
Unmanned bodies.
Settle into controls,
Gears and buttons to maneuver.

Unformed in its form,
Burst suddenly into chaos.
Descent of a cipher,
Unanticipated by all.

Hell (poem)


Singed by hellfire,
Phoenix spirit.
Forged from brimstone,
Carved from demons.

Liquid magma,
Deep core earth.
Raised by evil,
Devil’s laughter.

Learn their cackle,
Battle cry.
Defiant rebellion,
Insidious plot.

Tortured souls,
Trapped in prison.
Newborn babe,
Eternal suffering.

Demonic ribs,
Skeletal structure.
Macabre dance,
Ghoulish rattle.

Eyes are turned,
Slip away.
Hide those horns,
Don human skin.

Fly ever higher,
Roost for the night.
Look down on creation,
Extinguish its flames.