Waves (poem)


Waves of depression break,

At the shores of my conscious awareness.

Oceanic mysteries drift,

Carried along by currents.

Flooding a desert reveals,

Sentiment’s intrinsic value.

Formerly disciplined by absence,

Returned to feel its presence.

Acute pain with decay,

Left to rot and fester.

Breathe in and choke on sunshine,

Learn to radiate like the stars.

Push it out and pull it in,

Cosmic light pulsing brightly.

Darkness swallowing the universe,

Become a beacon riding the waves.

Fear of the Dark (poem)


When things get still,
Your heartbeat races.
A peaceful evening,
But not for you.

Work all day,
Fear at night.
Exhaustion creeps,
But your eyes stay open.

Your body stays rigid,
The glow of the light,
Grows steadily wider,
Until a figure blocks its entrance.

Pretend you’re asleep.
The creature senses movement.
Breath flutters your hair.
Its stench fills your lungs.

If it wants you, it’s over.
The monster always wins.
No guardian to protect you,
From all that stalk the night.

In the sunlight,
Your father.
In the moonlight,
Your terror.