Portrait (poem)


Brushstrokes layered,
Canvas still white.
Rough outlines emerge,
Essence elusive.

Sitting model fidgets,
Restless and bored.
Constantly shifting,
Blurring the image.

Set off for a moment,
Never to return.
Incomplete portrait staring,
Blank spaces to fill.

Interpreting visions,
Fairy whispers of truth.
Legacy everlasting,
Ugly pictures of you.

Blemish (poem)


Mounds mar the landscape,
Needle-prick the ooze.
Squeeze around its edges,
Ugly purged, beauty remains.

Slice a blade,
Across my face.
Skin regrow smooth,
Baby fresh start.

Adolescent insecurity,
Face curtained by hair.
Inner trauma subtly visible,
Roots outgrowing their container.