Thumb (poem)


Nails made of glass,
Pressed against bone.
Hidden in meat,
A diamond digs deeper.

Tongue the location,
Kept inside a mouth.
Place of dental safety,
Marked on the right.

Nursing the pain,
Suckling its sweetness.
Stinging cuts numbness,
Proof of inner vitality.

Draw an X on a map,
Hidden treasures lie beneath.
Violent means used to acquire,
Precious jewels stained with blood.

Nostos (poem)


When my tongue reached out,
Sought sweetness from the honeysuckles.
Rewarded for my bravery,
Exploration of my solitude.

Roses claim a wheelbarrow,
Rusty gates kept nothing out.
Breathing in your absence,
Your thorn hidden under scars.

Destined for greater,
Whittle away childish days.
Become a hero who can rescue,
Bury the dead upon return.

Accolades and triumphs to the legend,
History’s pages know you well.
Find the lost love left behind,
Warrior’s longing put to rest at last.

Soulmate (poem)


Red string of fate,
Tied to our thumbs.
Common roots of suffering,
Echo across the universe.

Ghosts embedded in flesh,
Erupt under touch.
Embracing through ghoulish screams,
Finding refuge in the other’s body.

Each kiss that lands,
Our souls creep closer.
Activating catalyst,
Collision burning bright.

Nest of dancing flames,
Settle into chaos.
Mews of our brood,
Interspecies love babies.

Alone all our lives,
Imagining your existence.
Living in your heart,
Soothe me with your presence.

Bite your chin to warn you,
Not to leave me again.
I’ve waited for eternity,
To have your warmth at night.

Past lives prepared us,
Separate journeys to arrive.
Splitting of a nucleus,
In time finally combined.