Gamble (poem)


My life was sold in a devil’s bargain,
Born to a mad king and slave queen.
They got sent to hell but I started here,
Demonic imp to do their bidding.

Saddled and ridden on a carousel,
Parading my scars for praise.
Bronzed and shining like a token,
Robbing her riches in the shadows.

I’ve already lost everything and lived,
There’s nothing I can’t give up.
Nothing to lose and everything to gain,
This world will tremble before me.

Dead from the start and learning to live,
Nothing to fear when the return occurs.
Numb embrace of my oldest friend,
Kill the pain and drop it in the jackpot.

Surrounded by winnings I can’t carry,
Shackled to the table to play the game.
Earning it back and then some,
Paid what’s owed with interest.

Behind (poem)


Tingles in your spine,
Warning alarms triggered.
Fear grips your body,
Terror lurks behind you.

Blood debts unpaid,
Installments never ending.
Extraction perpetual,
Bathing in leeches.

Pounding in your head,
Squeezing skulls tight.
Bulging eye sockets,
Sliding jaws pop.

Run fast or slow,
Always on your tail.
Slash across your back,
Wounds keep multiplying.