PTSD (poem)


Experienced death but inexplicably living,

Pandora’s horrors felt all at once.

Masked delusions for protection absent,

No rosy lenses to watch film noir.

Body betrays you and invites in demons,

Terror sweats from every pore.

Pain and agony in every nerve fiber,

Proof of life is absence of death’s peace.

War cries and weapons waging,

Survival close to a sword’s edge.

Become dangerous or be killed by others,

Enemies cloaked in innocuous disguises.

Taming every system in revolt,

Untangle wires looking like hay.

Bang pushed to the end of the universe,

Come home to live in the self we created.

Behind (poem)


Tingles in your spine,
Warning alarms triggered.
Fear grips your body,
Terror lurks behind you.

Blood debts unpaid,
Installments never ending.
Extraction perpetual,
Bathing in leeches.

Pounding in your head,
Squeezing skulls tight.
Bulging eye sockets,
Sliding jaws pop.

Run fast or slow,
Always on your tail.
Slash across your back,
Wounds keep multiplying.

Horror (poem)


Sublimate our fears,
Give shape to the monsters.
Shadow behaviors,
Illuminated on screen.

The world holds danger,
It even lives at home.
Survival situations,
Heroines lead the way.

When it all goes topsy-turvy,
Where will you turn?
We’ve lived this before,
Past lives in scenarios.

When you can’t call, “Cut!”
The actors keep pretending.
Trapped in a screenplay,
The horror is real.