Hell (poem)


Singed by hellfire,
Phoenix spirit.
Forged from brimstone,
Carved from demons.

Liquid magma,
Deep core earth.
Raised by evil,
Devil’s laughter.

Learn their cackle,
Battle cry.
Defiant rebellion,
Insidious plot.

Tortured souls,
Trapped in prison.
Newborn babe,
Eternal suffering.

Demonic ribs,
Skeletal structure.
Macabre dance,
Ghoulish rattle.

Eyes are turned,
Slip away.
Hide those horns,
Don human skin.

Fly ever higher,
Roost for the night.
Look down on creation,
Extinguish its flames.

Door (poem)


Before her, a door

A gateway to hell

Guarded by a demon

Who smiles like an angel

No saints live here

A guardian delivers

Takeaway treat

With a side of sweet innocence

Corrupted in an instant

Tainted by poison

Tragedy lives in the cowardice

Of the feeble and evil