Nature (poem)


I go to nature,
To heal.
Mother Earth rocks me,
With her gentle rhythms.

Solitude in my womb,
Replenish lost energy.
Expansive air fills me,
Stretch the vessel encasing me.

Truth outside of conditioning,
Found in biological forms.
Emotion must follow nature,
Reason guides behavior.

Quell my rage,
Center my soul.
Anger sharp as a knife,
Protection in the world of man.

Pigeon (poem)


Iridescent feathers,
Blend in with the masses.
Urban landscape stillness,
Flutter of activity.

Dodging kicks,
Vehicular bird-slaughter.
Snarling barkers,
Compete for discarded scraps.

Cooing with pleasure,
Solid build with hollow bones.
Wilderness in the city,
Nature infesting civilization.

Expand (poem)


Rhythms clashing,
Cacophony of sounds.
Unnatural activity,
Sound waves close in.

Escape the noise,
Return to nature.
Push out your heart,
Embrace the expanse.

Chilling voids,
Cruel apathy.
Human behavior,

Eliminate yourself,
Join the nothing.
Connect your soul,
To all of existence.