Critic (poem)


Searching for faults,
Radar for fissures.
Look for yourself,
Shards that you’ve lost.

Steal them back,
Attack the thief.
Shattered ego,
Fragility exposed.

Empathy lacking,
Their mind irrelevant.
Failing expectations,
That never escaped your mind.

But social expectations,
Engender social censure.
Carefully criticize,
The shape of behavior.

Beyond (poem)


Existential dread
Tighten and paralyze
Compulsive soothing
Fear of unknown

Embrace darkness
Lean into terror
Mere mosquito bites
Perspective rendering

Many realities
One death
Ego dissolution
Loss and gain

Flow forward
Pack up this life
Leave the extra
Drop the pain

Choose wisely
Only love
Can be carried off
Into the afterlife

Expand (poem)


Rhythms clashing,
Cacophony of sounds.
Unnatural activity,
Sound waves close in.

Escape the noise,
Return to nature.
Push out your heart,
Embrace the expanse.

Chilling voids,
Cruel apathy.
Human behavior,

Eliminate yourself,
Join the nothing.
Connect your soul,
To all of existence.