Special (poem)


Your needs aren’t typical,
Your thoughts, unconventional.
Eyes, they say, distorted,
They call you a freak.

Your buses are shorter,
The masses, they jeer.
You’re locked in a cage,
While they all go free.

Try to be like them,
Resented regardless.
Go it alone,
Viciously attacked.

No allies for the special,
Charity case at best.
They know what you are,
So why don’t you?

Tell yourself lies,
Conforming is best.
Sick in a sick world,
It’s how it has to be.

Until you find your tribe,
Queerdos just like you.
Driven into hiding,
But seeking you all along.

Twang (poem)


Geographic placement,
Shove you in a box.
Tongue reveals truth,
Even while spinning lies.

Socioeconomic status,
Rural-urban class.
Contextual, prejudicial,
Ideologies attached.

Labeled stupid hick,
Intellect assaulted.
But when running for office,
Folksy and so charming.

Double standards prevail,
White men steal who you are.
Celebrated wearing your skin,
Your flesh reviled and detested.